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Clean-handed Government Officers of Gyeonggi Province – Literature, Honesty, Honor, Thrifty, and Loyalty
Period/ 2016.05.23(Mon) ~ 2016.09.18(Sun)
This exhibition intended to establish wholesome ideals for public officials by shedding new light on honest government officials of Gyeonggi-do. It introduced a variety of relics related with honest officials such as 「Cheonggang Seonsaeng-jip」, which is a collection of writings by Cheonggang Yi Je-shin (1536~1583), who is a famous clean official of the mid Joseon Dynasty, 「Cheongseongo」, which is the list of the names of honest officials of the Joseon Dynasty, and 「Mokmin Simseo」 by Jeong Yak-yong. Gyeonggi-do was truly the province of honest government officials. There were 27 kings in the Joseon Dynasty from King Taejo to Jing Sunjo, but not all kings recognized honest officials. While as many as 218 honest officials were recognized in the Joseon Dynasty, over 60 of them have regional connections to Gyeonggi-do. Relics of famous figures that we know by their names such as Maeng Sa-seong, Hwang Hee, Yoo Gwan, Yi Won-ik, Yi Hang-bok, and Yi Je-shin and Yi Myeong-joon, who are father and son, are located in Gyeonggi-do. This exhibition introduced the honest officials of Gyeonggi-do, the province of clean governors, centering on the spirit of governance represented by Dasan Jeong Yak-yong.
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