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Silhak is the thought representing and standardizing the global change from the 17th to 19th century in the most progressive ways. It was generated and developed by pursuing both reform and reality during the late Joseon dynasty era. The present Korean studies originated from Silhak.
Silhak emerged and developed in Gyeonggi Province, an area that also has the highest number of cultural heritages related to Silhak. Even at present, there are a number of historic sites where Silhak scholars lived and did scholastic research all over Gyeonggi Province around the Hangang River area. This is the reason why the Museum of Silhak is located next to the birthplace of Master Dasan Jeong Yakyong, the great scholar.
The Museum of Silhak is the only museum established to collect, maintain, investigate, communicate and display the tangible and intangible materials and data related to Silhak as a multi-purpose cultural space providing enjoyment through a variety of programs as well as education programs and information to residents.
In the Museum of Silhak, where Silhak is alive, everyone can directly experience the life of Silhak scholars and the spirit of Silsagusi(seeking truth in actual affairs). The Museum of Silhak offers new cultural campaigns for more people to easily get access to and experience Silhak in daily life through a variety of programs.