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Northern School’s Dream
Period/ 2015.05.29(Fri) ~ 2015.09.30(Wed)
Hanyang (Seoul) in the 18th century was a city where the commodity economy and monetary economy developed due to the increase of population and gradual development of commerce and industry. The Northern School is a group of silhak scholars who dreamed to reform and develop Joseon by fully embracing Western civilization through China as well as the advanced image of China as reality required changes. They were also called the Baektap School as they were mercantilist silhak scholars who advocated economic enrichment centering on Yeonam Park Ji-won and lived in Tap-dong. This is a special exhibition that examined the activities of the new intellectuals of Seoul such as Park Ji-won and Park Je-ga inside and outside of the country.
북학파의 꿈
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