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Permanent Exhibition Hall 1
Dynamic conguration of the background creating Silhak including changes during the late Joseon period and the introduction of western civilization
Exhibition Hall 1 aims to guide visitors to understand the formation process of Silhak, including the birth and formation of Silhak in the late Joseon period, in the reform following the Japanese invasion of 1592 and the Manchu war in 1636 as well as the change of Joseon society caused by the development of agriculture, industry and commerce and western civilization transferred through China and Japan. The birth of Silhak section shows the process by which the infrastructure for the development of Silhak was formed through the thoughts of Silhak scholars playing critical roles in the development of Silhak. In particular, the reformism on social and economic issues by Silhak scholars in the early times is highlighted with the focus on Bangyesurok(Bangye’s notes) by Bangye Yu Hyeongwon, who is evaluated as the initiator of Silhak.
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