Permanent Exhibit

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Permanent Exhibition Hall 2
Connection to Elementary and Middle School Textbooks
Exhibition Hall 2 divides Silhak, starting from the concept of mutual prots, into physical sciences school, school of business commerce and school of philosophy and summarizes the content related to Silhak from the textbooks in elementary and middle schools along with books by Silhak scholars from each school. The exhibits are congured to help students understand by actively using supplementary materials including paintings, pictures, animation and multimedia. In particular, the Joseon Studies, explaining the self-discovery of the Silhak period, subdivides the Silhak exhibits into history, geography, language and encyclopedia categories. The civilization, institutions, society and economy of the Qing dynasty are introduced in detail. The exhibits include Yeonha-ilgi, the autograph diary by Park Jiwon recording his impressions after meeting literary men and celebrities in the Qing dynasty, and the portrait of Park Jiwon, which is known to have been drawn by his grandson Park Jusu.
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