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Ahn Jeongbok’s Korean History Studies, Dongsa-gangmok
Period/ 2012.11.03(Sat) ~ 2013.04.07(Sun)
This exhibition commemorates the 300th anniversary of the birth of Ahn Jeong-bok who is a silhak scholar and historian. Ahn Jeong-bok is a great scholar of the Pragmatic Statecraft School that succeeds the ideas of Seongho Yi Ik.
The key relic of this exhibition, 《Dongsa Gangmok》, is the greatest history book of the Age of Silhak that Ahn wrote for over 20 years by continuing the historical view of his teacher, Yi Ik. Anothe representative work is 《Yeoljo Tonggi》 which is about the history of Joseon at the time described in his own view. The exhibition presented the life of Ahn Jeong-bok and how he created his writings.
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