Special Exhibit

  • Ahn Jeongbok’s Korean History Studies, Dongsa-gangmok Close
    • Period/ 2012.11.03(Sat) ~ 2013.04.07(Sun)

    The key relic of this exhibition, 《Dongsa Gangmok》, is the greatest history book of the Age of Silhak that Ahn wrote for over 20 years by continuing the historical view of his teacher, Yi Ik. Anothe representative work is 《Yeoljo Tonggi》 which is about the history of Joseon at the time described in his own view. The exhibition presented the life of Ahn Jeong-bok and how he created his writings.

    • Period/ 2012.04.27(Fri) ~ 2012.10.03(Wed)

    Dasan Jeong Yakyoung was born and grown up in Mahyeon, the starting point of the Hangang River where two streams meet. The Silhak philosophy of Dasan was formed and completed through the Hangang River. Like the Hangang River running to the sea, the thinking and civilization awareness of Dadan should be the basis for preparing the future society and present. One hundred years after his death, Dasan’s philosophy was the nucleus of the Joseon studies movement in the history of the ordeal of losing national sovereignty. In 2012, greeting the 250th anniversary of the birth of Dasan, Dasan was designated as a great personality whose anniversary is also celebrated by UNESCO.

  • GONYEO-MANGUK-JEONDO (Complete Geographical Map Of All The Kingdoms Of The World), Draws The World And Universe Close
    • Period/ 2011.09.30(Fri) ~ 2012.03.31(Sat)

    Special exhibition celebrating the digital reproduction of Gonyeo-manguk-jeondo, the Korean version made in 1708. The museum reproduced the digital color version of Gonyeo-manguk-jeondo, a black and white photo kept in Bongseonsa temple, as an 8-fold folding screen. Gonyeo-manguk-jeondo is a map of the world made by Matteo Ricci, an Italian Jesuit priest, in Beijing in 1602. It was brought into Joseon by the envoys visiting China in 1603. As the map was distributed, the intellectuals of Joseon realized that there was a broader world than China and that China was no longer the center of the world. Gonyeo-manguk-jeondo, reproduced by the museum, is open to the public in the Permanent Exhibition Hall.

  • Seongho Yi Ik, New Viewing of All Things Close
    • Period/ 2011.05.13(Fri) ~ 2011.09.13(Tue)

    This exhibition focused on the reasoning of Yi Ik who sought the principle of all things in the world beyond ideological reasoning and wished to use it at the pragmatic level.

  • Yenching Travels, Road to the World Close
    • Period/ 2010.10.30(Sat) ~ 2011.04.10(Sun)

    The exhibition was divided into Part 1, Yenching Travels – Road to the World, and Part 2, New Encounter and Recording of Yenching Travels. Part 1 showed the path from the beginning of the Yenching Travel to the forest of civilization, Beijing, and related relics and Part 2 focused on the exchange between the literary people of China and silhak scholars as well as the recordings of Yenching Travels.

  • Dasan and His Works, 《Yeoyudang-jip》 Close
    • Period/ 2010.06.12(Sat) ~ 2010.10.03(Sun)

    This special exhibition is the first exhibition that introduces the contents of the studies of Dasan who sought a way to reform the Joseon Dynasty as a whole and comprehensively investigated related relics inside and outside the country and cast light upon Dasan’s ideas centering on his works, 《Yeoyudang-jip》.