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New Heaven, Earth, and World – Seongho Yi Ik’s Silhak
Period/ 2013.04.26(Fri) ~ 2013.09.22(Sun)
Seongho Yi Ik is the scholar referred to as the Master of Silhak. He devoted his life to studies instead of seeking a post in the government after witnessing his family being swept by political turmoil. Famous writings by Yi Ik include 《Maengja Jilseo》, which summarized the outcomes of his lifetime studies on Confucian scriptures, 《Gwagurok》, which systematized the measures for livelihood and plans for institutional reform, and 《Seongho Saseol》, which are scholarly notes that he recorded from what he saw, felt and thought from the age of 40 to 83.
This exhibition focused on the <Cheonjimun> part of his writing, 《Seongho Saseol》. It expressed the pragmatic and pioneering spirit of Yi Ik who understood and accepted the Western culture subjectively.
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