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Silhak Rabbit that Went to the Moon
Period/ 2013.11.20(Wed) ~ 2014.05.05(Mon)
This exhibition prepared 3D interactive videos on the scientific culture of the Age of Silhak such as the Myth about the Moon in Traditional Era, Armillary Clock, Astrolabe, and Galileo and Hong Dae-yong so that students can easily understand the principles of scientific relics from the traditional era and enjoy exhibitions.
This exhibition, sponsored by the Korea Development Bank, is divided into three parts based on the themes. Part 1, ‘Myth and Moon’, introduces various moon related myths of Korea including the Moon Rabbit Myth and Parallel Sun and Moon Myth. Part 2, ‘Moon in Living and Folklore’, shows how the Parallel Sun and Moon Myth turned into the ‘Lunisolar Calendar’, and how closely our life is related with the moon. Part 3, ‘Moon in the World of Science’, shows how the moon in myths turned into a celestial body through the invention of the telescope. Particularly in Part 3, the exhibition reproduced the Armillary Clock, National Treasure No. 230, in a 3D image to help understanding of scientific cultural heritages which can sometimes be difficult to understand.
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