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GONYEO-MANGUK-JEONDO (Complete Geographical Map Of All The Kingdoms Of The World), Draws The World And Universe
Period/ 2011.09.30(Fri) ~ 2012.03.31(Sat)
Special exhibition celebrating the digital reproduction of Gonyeo-manguk-jeondo, the Korean version made in 1708. The museum reproduced the digital color version of Gonyeo-manguk-jeondo, a black and white photo kept in Bongseonsa temple, as an 8-fold folding screen. Gonyeo-manguk-jeondo is a map of the world made by Matteo Ricci, an Italian Jesuit priest, in Beijing in 1602. It was brought into Joseon by the envoys visiting China in 1603. As the map was distributed, the intellectuals of Joseon realized that there was a broader world than China and that China was no longer the center of the world. Gonyeo-manguk-jeondo, reproduced by the museum, is open to the public in the Permanent Exhibition Hall.
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