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Seongho Yi Ik, New Viewing of All Things
Period/ 2011.05.13(Fri) ~ 2011.09.13(Tue)
This exhibition takes a closer look at the pragmatic view of things and the meaning of reasoning in silhak as they appear in the <Manmulmun> section of Seongho Yi Ik’s 《Seongho Saseol》. 《Seongho Saseol》 is the book that compiles 40 years of scholarly achievements of the silhak scholar, Yi Ik. In this book, Yi Ik sees all things in the world as subjects of study and laid the cornerstone for the ‘Studies of All Things’.
This exhibition focused on the reasoning of Yi Ik who sought the principle of all things in the world beyond ideological reasoning and wished to use it at the pragmatic level.
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