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Date/ 1640
Artist(Credit Line)/ Park Gyusu
Gahoecheop is the record of Donggapgye (same age club) led by Han Hoeil, the son of Han Jungyeom in 1640 (18th year of King Injo’s reign) when Kim Yuk was 61 years old. Donggapgye was named, Gyeongjindonggapgye (same age club for those who were born in the Gyeongjin year). Only 5 members of the total 12 are recorded on the cover page, including Gang Seokgi, Kim Yuk, Kim Gwangwuk, and Yi Seongsin. The epilogue of the manuscript was written by Kim Yuk (1580~1658). The manuscript had the book seal, Baekhu, the courtesy name of Jamgok. King Yeongjo requested Kim Simuk, the grandson of Kim Yuk to bring the portrait and Gaphoecheop so he could appreciate them. Then, King Yeongjo composed a poem using rhyming words from the poem contained in Gaphoecheop and Sukmyo-oeje-hwasangchan(肅廟御製畵像贊), the portrait of the entire body of Kim Yuk.
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