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Date/ 1872
Artist(Credit Line)/ Park Gyusu
Parkgyusu Ganchal is a collection of letters written by Park Gyusu, Jeongsa(embassy) in Jinhasa(delegation sent for celebration and paying gratitude to the dynasty in China) in 1872(6th year of King Gojong’s reign). The letters were sent from Park Gyusu to Yeonjae(name is unknown) as preparation for the delegation with Seojanggwan(recorder) Gang Munhyeong姜文馨 and chief interpreter Oh Gyeongseok吳慶錫. He expressed his expectations for the trip as an envoy by preparing the second delegation. Through this diplomatic trip, he observed the Chinese westernized movement in the Qing period that was reacting against the impact from the western world and conrmed the reform and enlightenment of the country.
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