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Map of the Earth, Old and New (地球前後圖)
Date/ 1834
Artist(Credit Line)/ Choi Han-gi and Gim Jeong-ho
Map of the Earth, Old and New (地球前後圖) is a modern-style woodcut world map. It was created by Hyegang (惠崗) Choi Han-gi (1803-1877) and engraved by Gosanja (古山子) Gim Jeong-ho (?-1864). Choi Han-gi was a scholar who acted as a bridge between silhak and modern enlightenment thought through reinterpreting Western science as the traditional theory of gi (氣, vital force); Gim Jeong-ho was a silhak scholar renowned for his Detailed Map of the Great East (大東輿地圖).
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